Clarifying Shampoos – The Ideal Allies For Beautiful Hair

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Like the majority of women, I pay a great amount of attention to cosmetics, both decorative and preparative. I want to have the best make up for my skin and the best clarifying shampoo for my hair. As a result of those similar to me, the world of cosmetics is one of the most dynamic and competitive global markets. When selecting the ideal product, the deciding factor for me, apart from a good price- quality ratio, is definitely packaging. In addition to its primary function (product protection), design is a significant marketing tool for influencing the customer’s decision during product selection. I do admit that I am a very visual person and that I tend to fall for the following: smart, practical and attractive packaging. On the one hand, this makes perfect sense: I am more likely to believe that a product is capable of beautifying my outer appearance if the product itself comes in a visually appealing form. This especially applies to preparative cosmetics i.e. bottles that progressively accumulate in the bathroom, which, besides being beautiful, must also be functional. There is nothing worse than irritating packaging and impractical bottles within which half the contents remain unattainable and deteriorate due to an inappropriate design.

 Beautiful and nourished hair is one of the most killer female attributes, but it requires constant and thorough care. When it comes to my hair care, the main focus is on nourishing masks and oils and suitable shaping-products. However, what I have learned through years of experimentation is that good care and truly spectacular hair is not possible without a quality clarifying shampoo. Namely, over time shaping-product remains, water minerals and natural oils deposit on our hair, leaving it looking greasy and worn out, which is certainly not the look that we want to achieve. This is where clarifying shampoos enter the scene: its specially designed formula removes all deep impurities (resistant to ordinary shampoos) from the hair, leaving it clean and fluttering.


Due to the fact that these shampoos are extremely powerful, a small amount is enough to get the job done properly. When choosing a shampoo, I made sure that a pump came with the package, for an easier and more cost-effective dosage. My favourite is definitely Kenro Clarifying Shampoo which comes in a bottle that reminds you of a canister, but it is extremely practical and lasts forever! Formulated with grapefruit and witch hazel extracts, it easily removes dirt from the hair and provides vitamins and amino acids which nourish the hair and restore its natural softness and shine. Since the shampoo is sufficiently mild and suited for frequent use, it is especially recommended for swimmers. One squeeze of the pump will provide you with a sufficient amount of shampoo: on wet hair it forms rich foam and has a fresh grapefruit scent that lingers longer than ordinary shampoo scents. It is an ideal resident of any cosmetic bag traveling somewhere to the seaside this summer and the chances of you having this original design in your bathroom by late autumn are high…until you get a new bottle.

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design is based on a proud presentation of building materials, which many of them are trying to conceal. It is based on adding raw, unfinished look, and the selection and adding elements that can be not only useful, but can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of an area. Used in the design of flats, modern houses and even business premises, industrial design often combines neutral tones of different items, and it is also often used wood and metal as the main building materials. The combination of all the above factors, gets the look like “factory” that more people now considered attractive, including me. It should be noted that minimalism is one of the key concepts here, and it is therefore necessary to be careful not to overdo it with the amount of furniture and other elements.

 In some cases, however, does not rule “the more – the better”, and this type of design is an example of the above. You should also pay attention to the appearance of the whole, since it is a common example of over-decorate room, while the rest is devoted considerably less attention. Industrial design used various elements, such as the surface of stainless steel, metal lighting elements, old furniture. Such cases can often be found in stores that sell antiques or workshops dealing with repair and restoration, although there are many other sources where you can find various items that can contribute to the creation of an industrial feel to your living space. In this article I will describe several common characteristics, elements and motifs that appear in this type of design, with the hope that some of them will inspire you to your own ideas.

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As for the floor, a great option is the choice of concrete, which in addition to its inhomogeneous appearance and roughness can significantly contribute to the industrial feel of the area. Alternatively, it can be used, and wood or stone flooring. The walls can also be nice designed, except that in this case the best thing is that  you do not need further investment, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in this situation, which is that the walls are already old and damaged.  Of course, if you like it on this way. If not, this look can be obtained artificially by using various tools and supplies. Brick walls are also a great choice, since it is the industry’s first association of many people when they hear and see something like that. With lighting can also be a lot of things to do. Look for standing room lamps, preferably made primarily of metal, in order to enter an additional amount of industrial spirit in the desired space.

As additional inspiration, I suggest to you to visit the city and the older parts of the building in which is present industry, which has lost the race against time. Brick walls, tall chimneys, rusting metal surfaces, mechanical components of open machines, wooden roofs, metal pipes, steel poles – these are just some of the motives that you will find in these places, you will surely inspire new ideas that you can enter in your own home and  awake the spirit industry.